Outdoor Chattanooga

Voted the “Best Town Ever” by Outside Magazine (twice!), it makes sense that Chattanooga’s “Parks and Rec” department would be different. Outdoor Chattanooga connects residents and visitors to the rivers and mountains surrounding the city through low cost or free guided tours. Their website, however, was difficult to navigate and was not optimized for mobile. Approaching the product from a mobile-first perspective, I simplified the design while introducing graphical navigation that emphasizes the outdoor experience.

UX/UI, Frontend

Sketch, InVision, WordPress, Pen and Post-it Notes

Competitor Analysis, Content Audit and Strategy, Wireframes, Prototype, User Testing, WordPress Training, Finished Website and Style Guide



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Outdoor Chattanooga faced two main challenges. First, the site was very content heavy and in many places content was duplicated making maintenance inefficient and discovery difficult. Second, useful content was buried under several layers of navigation and cluttered layouts made browsing overwhelming. I undertook a full content content audit and revised their content strategy to reduce clutter and keep each content block relevant and useful. As I created wireframe and prototypes with Sketch and InVision, I tested them with local students and Outdoor Chattanooga program participants to gain insights into the best solutions for the user and the product owner.

The Website

Outdoor Chattanooga’s website was built with two user goals in mind: to find locations around Chattanooga where they can participate in outdoor activities and to find information about and register for Outdoor Chattanooga’s programs. 

The website has an emphasis on the browsing experience. The image grid navigation with an accordion effect allows the user to browse through activity locations fluidly without losing one’s place.