CHATT311 is a city services request and reporting app made by Accela (formerly PublicStuff). Prior to the release of CHATT311, citizens had to call 311 for all but a small handful of service requests. Now citizens have access to all publicly available requests online and in iOS and Android apps.

The challenge of the project was to comb through hundreds of service request types in several different outdated systems, consolidate them, map the workflows, and implements a meaningful information architecture for citizens to use. I also designed the app icon and promotional material. 

Information Architecture, Graphic Design


Content Audit and Strategy, Icon



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Information Architecture

Government services can often be cloaked behind layers of jargon, abbreviations, and complicated processes. On the inside, government departments tend to present information in a siloed manner. Citizens, however, don’t care that one department handles broken traffic lights while another department deals with requests for new traffic lights. Making government accessible to citizens means breaking those deeply ingrained habits. 

I worked for weeks with several city departments to categorize services requests and workflows in a way that would be easy for the public to understand. 

The Icon

Working with representatives in the Mayor’s Office, I designed an app icon for CHATT311. Their request was that it reflect a sense of place with friendly colors representing the water and mountains that surround the city. The icon features a bird’s eye view of downtown Chattanooga featuring the Tennessee that flows through the heart of the city and the main thoroughfares that connect the city.